Monday, March 30, 2009


Less expensive, less permanent wall tile options

In the ongoing quest for less expensive ways to beautify one's space (preferably in a less-than-permanent fashion for those living in rentals), I found some interesting wall tile options.

Smart Tiles are self-adhesive 3D 'gel' tiles that claim to be easily removable later with the use of a hair dryer. Find them at Home Depot. Starts at just under $7 - $10 USd per set of four 4 inch tiles.

Self-adhesive tin tiles available online at (believe it or not) Harriet Carter. Set of six 6 inch tiles for just under $15 USD.

Diamond Life offers their (probably not really removable later) industrial-look Max Tile line. Starting at just under $8 per square foot, not quite so inexpensive, either. Much easier to install than traditional tiles, though.

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