Friday, September 15, 2006


Etsy item of the Day

Biorhythmic limited-edition tank

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The last Iota...

While browsing the other evening at Jamaicaway Books & Gifts, I happened upon a few last sheets of Iota's 'Dad's Sweater' giftwrap, at $2.95 a sheet - alas, they won't be carrying it anymore, so grab it while you can!


What I want for x-mas...

I want to start going solar - but short of some massive 'off-grid' project, what's an urbanite on a budget to do?

I know - I'll start with a solar charger. But which one?

Maybe...this one, for $55?

Or maybe this one, for $79?

Though I think the best-looking of the bunch would have to be this one, for $99.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The new CB2 catalog's out...

See it online here.

Three faves:

maki sushi plates - $5.95 ea
peep candleholders - $2.95 ea
orbit chair - $99 ea


Craig's List Foraging...

Some people sell their Eames chair shells sans feet - well, here's a Boston-area place to get the legs ($10 ea).

Waltham-area pick-up probably, but what a beaut! Oak for $150, could go with period or more contemporary chairs...

Half-price West Elm L-shape wall shelves...

$70 Red Papasan Chair (originally from Urban Outfitters).

Nice little cabinet - looks asian-inspired - $5!

Simple, solid wooden shelf for $25!

Wooden bench with hidden storage (you can never have too much of that) - $30.

Monday, September 11, 2006


How to tame those plastic bags

Get it here.


Ebay recce

No shipping or pick-up details posted, somewhere in the 'Northwest', but hey! Eames chair! You don't get more classic than this - amazing that such a simple, hard shell can be so comfortable - but then that's good design for you.

Mudl platter

Beautiful accent chair

Lucite Pendant

Groovy 70s radio


Etsy item of the Day

Blue batik wheat motif napkins

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Keep your data close...


The Ty Pennington side of Sears

His pillows are currently on sale...


craig's list recce

modern danish metal futon sofa frame and cushion - $100 Great basic

Conrad sidechair from Boston Interiors - $200 Those stripes go with anything!

Scandia desk - $100 When less is more

beautiful elliptical coffee table - $40 Very nice

Ikea TV side table - $15 For your swinging singles pad

White cube foot stool - $10 Why pay more for a fabric cube?

4 black leather chairs cheep - $15 Hmm...well, maybe if the leather could be re-conditioned somehow...

Square glass/metal coffee table - $150 Simple and classic.

New leather Parsons chairs - 2 for $99 Another great classic

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Affordable Marimekko fabric on eBay

Love Marimekko fabric? Hate the current retail prices (averaging $38/yd)? Then check out some of these current auctions...

Hilkka Rahikainen 50 x 50 wall hanging

Four yards of Tulipunzinen Fabric

Two Ruusupuu vinyl place mats

Pieni-Unikko 30 x 30 wall hanging

Marimekko wool dress (size small)


Etsy item of the Day

Yup; I'm food-obsessed. But, day-yam, these are just too cute...


...welcome to the nest...

Everyone is a Designer, whether they realize it or not - it's in the daily choices we make about what our living environment will be like, in what we surround ourselves with. Join me as, in between full-time work and part-time grad school, I forage online and in the Metro Boston area for Good Design that could feather your nest - without breaking the bank.

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